Latex Glove Christmas Tree

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I work in a hospital in Montana and am wondering if you would share how this tree was made. It is so cute. Thanks so much.

how an i make it ????

How is this very nice tree made – please share!!

I would like to know how you put this tree together.

Can you please post how this is made?

Can you please tell me how you made this awesome Christmas tree out of medical gloves. The 1st picture above. Can you list the steps if you have time on how you constructed this. I would like to do this for our Unit..

Rhonda Vandemolen

How to make the above Christmas tree:
Step 1: Inflate a bunch of latex gloves.
Step 2: Affix gloves to an upright base or pole.
Step 3: Hang lightweight ornaments to the glove fingers.

How do you get the gloves to stay on??

I would use string, fishing line or ribbon. Tie around knotted end and then use rest to attach to whatever you use in the middle as base.

what do you attach the gloves to? What kind. Of base? Thanks

I used an upright paper towel holder and dental floss to tie the gloves to the holder. Hope that helps!

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